Our services HOW WE WORK

MAC Aero Interiors services have been formed to be flexible and consequently can be adapted to specific customer requirements - this is where we go further to provide total care solutions or individual services upon required scope.

Our organisational knowledge also offers a competitive and proactive attitude, which gives us the ability to react quickly and adapt to customer needs in advance. Accordingly, we are not only offering the greatest solutions with the highest service quality; we also provide competitive prices accompanied by unrivalled lead times.

OUR CERTIFICATIONS MAC Aero Interiors certificates and approvals

MAC Aero Interiors hold EASA Design Organisation Approval for the production of aircraft appliances and parts, maintenance of aircraft components, and design for aircraft interiors. We have received the relevant certifications and approvals from the country’s aviation authorities concerned, and have gained compulsory authorisations as well as attaining the utmost standards of quality for our customers.

  • Production
    POA Ref’ UK.21G.2670

  • C1 – Appliances

    Aircraft seats in accordance with ETSO-C39b or equivalent
  • C2 – Parts

    Parts associated with the above appliance, Interior configurations. Cabin interior furnishings and components, including stowage and toilet compartments. Galley equipment/Cargo equipment. Part non-structural cabin furnishing equipment
  • Maintenance
    MOA Ref’ UK.145.01324

  • Class

    Components other than complete engines or APUs
  • Rating

    C6 Equipment
  • (Limitation Components in accordance with the capability list defined in the MOE)

  • Design

  • Designing in accordance with the applicable type-certification basis and environmental protection requirements:

    Supplemental Type Certificates, minor changes and minor repairs to aircraft related to cabin interiors and cargo systems and associated systems and structures
  • Categories of Products

    Large and small aeroplanes and rotorcraft