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A man who knows machines inside and out - Anniversary interview with Philip Carthy

It is time for our traditional Anniversary Interview and today our Marketing Coordinator got the chance to pinch a moment from Philip Carthy’s busy workday to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work at MAC Aero Interiors. 

Annika Varis: Hi Philip! Thank you so much for joining and willing to share your story with us. I actually heard that you recently celebrated your work anniversary. For how many years have you been working at MAC Aero Interiors now?

Philip Carthy: Hi Annika! Thank you! Yes, as of January, it has been 5 years now.

AV: Wow, even 5,5 if I’m not mistaken. Can you tell us your secret and share how did you get involved in aviation in the first place?

PC: I actually got involved right after graduating. I always had an interest in technical engineering, so working in aviation work and nuclear physics was a natural step for me. I started with making probes for furnaces and worked a lot with manual machines and since then I guess my interest and work life progressed from there. 

AV: It is so good to see that you truly are doing something that you have been interested in years and years. Really shows your commitment to the field. How many different jobs have you had while being in MAC or is there one particular that you have mastered? 

PC: You are definitely right about the mastered part, I have always been in the Machine Shop and working as a Machinist. 

AV: I thought so :) Tell us a little bit more about your current job? What are your daily/weekly tasks? What do you like most about it?

PC: It‘s quite simple really. The day starts with setting up all the machines that I use, including CNC’s warm up. Then I do some work with CNC manuals and check the settings for different part production. It doesn’t really matter what part I have to make, I really enjoy the process and variety of it. Taking the raw material and creating something real from a drawing. And then looking at the final product, knowing that I have made the parts of that product, even if those parts are in a hidden block. It’s the whole process, I guess and knowing that the outcome is structurally sound because of my work. 

AV: You make it seem so easy, but I am sure there is a lot of work and effort put into it and I really see that with you it is so. Can you recall your best memory at MAC? Do you mind sharing it with us?


PC: I can’t bring out anything particular since every day here has been a good day! It’s not easy, for sure and we are all working hard here but I still have managed to enjoy every step of the way.

AV: Well that’s an ideal answer, isn’t it. I’m glad that you have created so many great memories here. Would you say working at MAC Aero Interiors has changed your life in a better way? Why?

PC: Yes, I suppose it has. I have gained more prospects, knowledge and experience about how to create something unique and be part of making aviation a safe industry. I would definitely recommend working here ;)

AV: Thank you, Philip, for your kind and heartwarming interview, I’m sure the next five or even more years will come flying. Keep up with the positive vibe - it sure works as an inspiration to everyone around you!