Anniversary interview with Steve

Q: Hello Steve, welcome to our anniversary interview. For how many years have you been working at MAC Aero Interiors, including its previous names?

Steve: All together 13 years now. I have been through MacCarthy Aviation, Berwick, MAC Interiors, MAC Aero Interiors.

Q: That is quite an experience! Have there been many different departments and job titles you’ve worked under so far?

S: I am working in the Supply Chain, as a Buyer

Q: Best memory at MAC Aero Interiors & most fascinating part of your job?

S: From the recent memories I have to say that we work in a much better environment now. And what makes my job fascinating is that there are so many challenges. Every day is different from the next one. No time for boredom!

Q: That’s the spirit! Can you name one thing that even your co-workers might not know about you?

S: I loved playing badminton, always loved the game. Picked it up at the age of 30, at the end of my football career.

Q: I bet they also didn’t know about your football career – quite a sportsman, I see! How would you define all these years spent at MAC Aero Interiors?

S: The years have just zoomed by! Don’t know if it is a case of getting old or the nature of MAC. To sum it up shortly, I have to say: good experience, challenging, good people.

Q: That is nice to hear. Would you say working at MAC has changed your life in a better way? Why?

S: Yes, working here has definitely changed some certain aspects – I have become more confident. Especially with current MAC – training is so beneficial.

It is good to know that the company evolves with its valued employees. Thank you, Steve, for being part of our story!