Interview with our Painter Brian

Starting from today, we will start publishing short interviews with our amazing workers so that you get an insight into our superstars. We are starting off with our painter Brian who is as cheerful as they come and has more than a quarter century of experience in aviation.

Q: How did you start in aviation?

A: About 25 years ago so quite a long time ago, I started working for the Ministry of Defense, working on the Harrier Jump Jet producing different parts. I then worked on Trafalgar-class submarines that house the Trident missile system. Basically – I started at the ministry, doing some bits and pieces, and now I am at MAC.

Q: When and how did you join MAC Interiors?

A: I wanted a change, I had never done aircraft interiors before so I thought why not jump at the chance. I came down for the interview, got the job and never looked back. It all happened a year ago. 

Q: What's the most fascinating part about your job?

A: I like the standard that MAC is going for. It is high which is very good because I like to do a good job like everybody else around here. And when you do a good job here, it is very rewarding. 

Q: Name one thing that even your co-workers might not know about you? 

A: (Laughs) Uh, good question, I don't really know. I haven't got a clue really because I'm here, in the painting booth most of the time, and my co-workers are in the building next door. Maybe the fact that I was very much into martial arts and right now I do a lot of Ceroc jive dancing. I also play pool. 

Q: What's your fondest memory here at MAC?

A: In the short time I've been here, I think the first units that I did have been the most memorable. I was very happy with them and the bosses were really pleased with the standard of my work. That was rewarding, to think that I immediately got through the difficulties and immediately impressed my managers.