Interview with our Trimmer Phil

Q: How did you get started in aviation and how did you join MAC Aero Interiors?

Phil: In some way, I’ve been involved in aviation for a long time because ever since I was a youngster, I’ve built model aircraft. Basically all of my life, since the early 1950s. But my first day in aviation was in 2008, when I had just moved from my birthplace South Africa to England and got a temp job through an agency at MAC. I started as a maintenance driver and when I wasn't busy, I helped with cleaning. I drove and helped out a little everywhere else until about 3 years ago when the shop floor manager approached me and asked me to come work fulltime on the production floor. I spent some time there and when there was a vacancy at Trim Shop, I joined that department where I’m still working ‘til this day. Just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Haven't looked back since! 

Q: What's the most fascinating part about your job?

P: I think that a lot of what I do here at trim shop, is comparative to building model aircraft - the bonding, the way we cut things, etc. Trim Shop is a bit different, it has been a bit of a learning curve for me, I know but I can still use the skills I’ve gained with working and building model aircraft.

Q: What's one thing that even your colleagues might not know about you? 

P: Hmm… it’s a hard question but I think most of my colleagues don’t know that I actually was a mine surveyor for 22.5 years in South Africa before coming here. My daily work involved spending time underground in gold mines.

Q: What's your fondest memory here at MAC?

P: I would say the development of the baby cots. We only had a few templates left from a previous job, no sample. I was thrown into the deep with just some templates and two photos. That was it and I was asked "Can you make this?" I spent a bit of time experimenting and trying to make it. And now, my design has again become a product of ours. That makes me feel very proud.