Meet Nathan - January's Employee of the Month

MAC Aero Interiors is pleased to announce January 2019 Employee of the Month -  Nathan Williams. Magnetic MRO Marketing Coordinator Annika made a little interview with Nathan to celebrate the occasion and to learn more about his experience in the aviation industry. 

Annika Varis: Hello Nathan and congratulations on being the Employee of the Month! Now tell me, for how long have you worked in MAC Aero Interiors to get this kind of recognition?   

Nathan Williams: Hello Annika! Thank you :) I actually started in November 2017, so not that long.

AV: You can really say that one can achieve a lot with only one year of hard work and dedication. We are very proud of you! How did you get involved in aviation in the first place?

NW: It was actually through my dad who has worked in the industry for many years, currently as a Senior Design Engineer.    

AV: Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I see. It must be a great experience to work in the same field as your family. Let’s talk more about you, what do you do exactly in MAC Aero Interiors?

NW: I’m a Production Planner, but I currently work in our Stores unit as well as a Stores Co-ordinator and Stores Operator.   

AV: Wow – three titles. You really do get lots of things done :) Tell us more about your current job? What are your daily/weekly tasks?

NW: Well, my role as the lead production planner is to plan, prioritise and coordinate the production workflow for all part 21G and part 145 projects. This involves calculating job costings and material requirements, whilst considering production capacity and capabilities to formulate and manage realistic and detailed production schedules, ensuring projects are completed on time and to a high standard within EASA regulations.    

AV: That is impressive, takes a lot of focus and precision and I’m sure you are the one setting the standards very high! Great work! Can you remember your best memory at MAC? Do you mind sharing it with us?

NW: I have to come back to my dad on this. Working for the same company as my dad for a time, allowed me to gain a new perspective and further appreciate how hard he works to provide for me.   

AV: That is so nice to hear, I’m glad that you had such a good example to follow and we can all see how it has affected you. How would you define your time spent in MAC Aero Interiors overall?

NW: I have to say that it is often busy and demanding but I always leave with a feeling that my actions have had a positive impact on the day to day operations of the company.   

AV: I would say that is a perfect answer. I totally feel you! Would you say working at MAC Aero Interiors has changed your life in a better way and would you recommend working here?

NW: Definitely. It has allowed me to learn and progress my career within the Aviation industry. And for the same reason, I do recommend working here.

AV: I am glad that you feel that way. Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you, Nathan, for your time and what’s most important – for being a part of what makes MAC Aero Interiors the best it can be.