MAC Aero Interiors has a team of highly experienced and skilled fitters capable of fitting interiors on aircraft around the globe. We are equally comfortable working with your selected maintenance provider to get the job done on time and on cost. Our fitters have worked on numerous commercial and VIP projects around the globe. Often they go above and beyond the expectations of customers ensuring that you are 100% happy with your completed interior. Have a look at some of our competed installations in our products section.

Providing quality first of all, we install and then rigorously test, both on the ground and in the air, all of the interior systems and equipment to meet your requirements. Our complete installations team adapts the airframe and systems as necessary to accommodate the custom interior design, with a constant view to meeting and exceeding deadlines and customer expectations.

Having our shops and resources located in-house helps us react to the latest technological advances in the industry quickly and thereby make them available to you faster. 

During past years our team has been to Sri Lanka, China, Malta, USA, Sweden, Papa New Guinea, UAE, Jordan and Oman for all kinds of interiors installation projects.