Magnetic MRO and MAC Interiors unify their forces for 3D Printing of aviation approved parts

After Magnetic MRO had acquired MAC Interiors in February 2016, both parties have come across new opportunities including expanded MRO services and innovative in-house capabilities. One of the improvements developed due to this acquisition has been 3D printing technology for more cost effective and quality interior solutions.

Magnetic MRO, as an innovation focused MRO Company, has already built a reputation regarding its dedication to the latest innovations and technological advancement in the market that create competitive advantages. Recently the company sent out its R&D specialists to discover 3D printing possibilities within MAC Interiors’ facility; which led MAC Interiors to use 3D printing technology in their production process for the very first time in company’s history.

The occasion to test this fresh in-house technology had occurred so soon due to customers’ increasing demand in innovative solutions. MAC Interiors has recently started a new program with a leading aircraft interior product manufacturer in order to design and produce functional mock-ups for a client’s new product. This was the first time that MAC Interiors has ever designed 3D printed parts for a client, which resulted in high quality production with the assistance of Magnetic MRO. Final touches for 3D printed parts, including gluing, sanding and painting, is taking place in MAC Interiors facility under their supervision.

“Joint know-how in industry dynamics and technological improvements is the main leverage of both parties’ bespoke quality and service excellence.” says Andrius Norkevičius, Managing Director of MAC Interiors. “As MAC Interiors, we have proven that we are capable of designing and finalizing 3D printed parts not only quickly but also accurately dimensioned and light-weight. More importantly, we got to exceed customer expectations in our first trial and gained a significantly competitive experience.”