Once in aviation, always in aviation - Anniversary Interview with Michael

Another month has passed, and this time we are proud to publish an anniversary interview with Michael Duffel. Michael works as a Production Manager at MAC Aero Interiors and has recently completed his 5th year at the company.

To celebrate this important milestone, Annika Varis, our Marketing Coordinator, asked Michael for a few moments of his time to share his experiences with us.

Annika Varis: Michael, hi! It’s nice to have a chance to chat with you about your time at our company. Can you please tell us how many years you’ve worked at MAC Aero Interiors?

Michael Duffel: It’s been 5 years.

AV: Wow, that’s a good reason to celebrate! How did you get involved in aviation?

MD: Originally I saw an advert in Connections, it was a store position for MacCarthy Interiors. I was pretty much straight out of college. I needed to pay rent, needed a job, the pay was OK, it was local, seemed interesting, a good industry, so I took the job and did the best I could.

I have had two stints at MAC. First was when I was 18/19 years old, I started as a Storeman. Then quickly progressed into Planning. But because I didn't have an understanding of the processes in production, I did a little bit of sheet metal, composite structure and soft trim detail 145 until I got my head around the drawings and manufacturing process. Then I went back into Planning where I stayed for quite a while. I later became a Progress Chaser, promoted from that to Production Controller.

I went onto work at Acro Aircraft Seating as a Production Supervisor, plus I did contracting as a Fitter.

AV: What a journey! And somehow you ended back at Mac Aero?

MD: I then came back to Mac. I was promised I would go back into a Planning role which I progressed into. I came back as a Fitter and then became a Planning Engineer, then Planning Engineer Supervisor, then Supply Chain Controller, and then Production Manager.

AV: Sounds a bit like it was meant to be.

MD: Yes, I’ve always been interested in aircraft, I used to visit aviation museums as a child with my parents and travel a lot. My parents will never visit the same place twice, and they liked going on holidays twice a year, so I have been lucky enough to see many places.

AV: So you’ve had the first hand look at a lot of different roles at the company! Can you describe your current job as a Production Manager a bit? What are your main tasks?

MD: Managing problems as they arise; I coordinate the production team’s work, get everything they need to perform, the tasks and make sure my team knows what they need to do. I check for shortages and liaise with the supply chain for anything required.

AV: Can you remember your best memory at MAC? Do you mind sharing it with us?

MD: I met the love of my life, the woman of my dreams here at MAC.

AV: Wow, I can see why you picked that one!

MD: Yes, coming back, it was nice to see all the old faces, people that are still working here, like my colleagues De & Phil.

At the same time, my promotion and the move into the new building - it was nice to have a fresh start, put life back into the company, work with the new management structure! It’s a much better working environment for myself and my team.

AV: I’m glad to hear that! How would you define your time spent in MAC Aero Interiors?

MD: Challenging, but it’s enabled me to progress.

AV: Would you say working at MAC Aero Interiors has changed your life in a better way?

Totally, because of Zoe and the people I've met, and the skills I've learnt and the progression through the years in my career.

AV: Michael, thank you so much for this fascinating story – it really has been a good ride. Thank you for making this a part of your life, because you definitely are a part of MAC Aero Interiors life!